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Hands-On Sessions: Serious Games | Escape Rooms | High Fidelity Simulations | Workshops   

The hands-on sessions will be scheduled during all conference days. 

Registration for hands-on sessions is limited to registered conference participants.

Cost of hands-on session (Serious games, Escape rooms & High fidelity simulations)  will be 100 NIS.

After registration, you will receive a link to an additional form where you may register for hands-on sessions.

Serious Games and Escape Rooms will be held in the dedicated transparent booth located in the Exhibition Hall.

The Serious Games topics are: 
Ventilation and Intensive Care.
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The Escape Rooms topics are: 
Can I survive Sepsis?

Save the Brain!  

Pediatric Trauma Escape Room.  Can you help your patient survive!

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High fidelity simulations will be held in a simulated operating room and include ECMO, Obstetrics, Neuroanesthesia, Pediatrics, and Cardiothoracic simulations. High-fidelity simulations are open to all multidisciplinary team clinicians including nurses, technicians, anesthesiologists, intensivists, and ED physicians, except where otherwise noted.
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Workshops include:

Airway workshops;

Regional anesthesia workshops;

POCUS lung, TTE, FAST, Sepsis, and TEE for the non-cardiac anesthesiologist;




Patient blood management. 

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Train the Trainer for Serious Games - cost 400 NIS

Simulation and gaming are engaging strategies to learn and understand medical crises management and technical skills. The Serious Games education training program is one of the novel education teaching tools used in the medical field for teaching residents and faculty. Serious games are a simple fun way to teach and consolidate known and new information in a lively learning environment.

The concept is to teach and enrich the medical learning experience using well-known and loved childhood games. Serious Games participants can enjoy an active fun learning experience to reach specific pre-defined learning goals. Debrief goals are defined in advance, to reinforce the important learning goals. Participants gain an understanding of knowledge about a specific topic, and work as a team to learn management strategies, troubleshooting, guidelines and more. Our group was the first to facilitate Serious Games at an international anesthesia medical conference,


Designing and facilitating this learning experience requires creative thinking and a defined methodology.

For the first time at an International Anesthesiology Congress, #ICISA2023/#Sepsis2023 we will run a Train the Trainer course for Serious Games (TTT-SG) methodology. Participants of the TTT-SG course will also have the opportunity to facilitate Serious Games sessions to be held during the congress.


Learning goals of the TTT-SG course: 

1.    Know and understand the concept of Serious Games in medicine.

2.    Create a goal-oriented program for your Serious Games course.    

3.    Build a specific game to achieve your educational goals.

4.    Recognize and troubleshoot game flow challenges.

5.    Create a logistical plan to run a Serious Games activity.

6.    Identify and train instructors suitable for this educational strategy.


Who should participate in the TTT-SG course?

The course is suitable for all healthcare professionals with an interest in novel educational strategies.


When is the TTT-SG course?

The course will take place during the #ICISA2023/#Sepsis2023 congress and is open to registered congress participants.

1.    Session 1: 7th November 08:30 - 11:50 Main course.

2.   Session 2: according to personal preference to participate in a Serious Game.

3.   Session 3: 9th November 16:15 - 17:15 Summary.

Cost: 400 ILS


Serious Game: Tel Aviv 75 years. Explore Tel Aviv and 75 years of anesthesia in Israel through our Serious Games TLV75.

To celebrate the landmark event of 75 years of anesthesia in Israel, we will explore the beautiful boulevards of Tel Aviv on foot. We will be accompanied by a local guide and enjoy fun educational games to learn more about anesthesia and intensive care for 75 years in Israel.


The tour is 3 km long, suitable for all ages, and family members are welcome to register and participate.  

7/11/2023 15:00-17:00

Cost: 150 ILS

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