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Prof. Dr. Șerban-Ion Bubenek-Turconi

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Prof. Dr. Șerban-Ion Bubenek-Turconi (graduated in Bucharest) was appointed Assistant Etranger de l’Universite P. & M. Curie Paris in 1993 and Chief 1-st Dept. of Cardiovasc. Anesth and Intensive Care at the Emergency Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases “Prof.C.C.Iliescu” Bucharest, Romania, in 1996.

Between 2005 – 2010 and 2010-2019 he served also as Medical Director and then General Manager of the “Prof.C.C. Iliescu” Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases (IUBCV), Bucharest-Romania, respectively.

 Currently, he is member of the IUBCV Board of Trustees, Chief 1-st Dept. of Cardiovasc. Anesth and Intensive Care at IUBCV and Professor and Chair of Anesthesia and Intensive Care at the "Fundeni Clincs Dept." of the "Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest.

 Prof. Bubenek is a Former Member of the Board of Directors and NASC Chairman of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) (2018-2021).

 He also served 3 mandates as an ESAIC Council Member representing Romania.

 He has been selected as Examiner for the European Diploma in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Part II.

 Since May 2018 Prof. Bubenek is the President of the Romanian Society of Anaesth. & Intensive Care (SRATI).

 Visiting Professor of University of Tel Aviv – Sackler Faculty of Medicine and Associate Professor of “N.Testemițeanu” University of Medicine of Chișinău – Republic of Moldova.

 Publishing / research: 25 books, 145 articles, 18 research grants (8 Project Manager-Director), more than 300 conferences and lectures (Romania, Israel, France, Spain, Serbia, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Moldova,) etc.

 His main research, expertise and interest fields are: anesthesia and perioperative care in cardio-vascular surgery, infections in ICU, hemodynamic monitoring, acute cardiac failure syndromes, extra-corporeal life support techniques (IABP, ECMO, Impella, LVAD) and ARDS.

   Prof. Bubenek is the Vice-President of the Advisory Commission for Anesthesia & Intensive Care of the Romanian Ministry of Health and he also served as Honorary Adviser to the Minister of Health (2009, 2018-2019, 2020-2021).

   In 2019, Bucharest City Hall declared him an Honorary Citizen of Bucharest.

   In December 2022, he received the "Prof. Ștefan Nicolau" Award of the Romanian Academy for the chapter: "Intensive Care for the patient with Covid-19 disease" from the monograph "Pandemic Covid-19 in Romania".

  Decorated in 2009 by the President of Romania with the: “National Order of Merit in the rank of Chevalier”.

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