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Dr. Vivianne Tawfik

Dr. Vivianne Tawfik.jpeg

Vivianne Tawfik, MD, PhD is a board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine physician who specializes in the treatment of complex chronic pain disorders including chronic post-operative pain, complex regional pain syndrome and peripheral nerve injury. 


After completing her undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, she obtained her MD and PhD in Neuroscience, with a focus on basic pain mechanisms, at Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, NH, USA. She then moved to California to join the Stanford Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative & Pain Medicine as an anesthesiology resident in the Fellowship in Anesthesia Research and Medicine (FARM) program, of which she now serves as the Director. After completion of her subspecialty fellowship training in Pain Medicine, Dr. Tawfik joined the faculty at Stanford and continues to research the immune contribution to persistent pain using clinically-informed basic science while also caring for patients suffering from chronic pain.


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