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Prof. Philip Peyton

prof. peyton.jpg

Philip Peyton’s research interests range widely from basic and applied science in anaesthetic physiology and pharamacology, to large clinical trials in perioperative medicine. He has 150 publications in journals and textbooks, with more than 6,000 citations, and has delivered over 50 invited presentations at local and international meetings. He is a former Chair of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Clinical Trials Network, and has been a Chief Investigator in several large multi centre international clinical trials in anaesthesia. He is leading the ROCKet Trial, investigating the potential effect of perioperative ketamine on the risk of development of chronic postsurgical pain. He is an expert in the pharmacology of inhaled anaesthetic gases, and the physiology of lung gas exchange during anaesthesia and its application to advanced cardiovascular monitoring in the anaesthetized patient.

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